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Protection For Your Stock Compensation

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Don't gamble with your compensation.

If you sell your stock at a loss after vesting, we will reimburse you.

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policy creation
Simple and easy to purchase and claim protection
TUX partners with your company, making it simple for you.
Pick Your Plan.
Choose your company, the number of shares you want to protect and your preferred coverage plan.
Connect Your Account.
Securely link your bank account to pay for your premiums, ensuring a streamlined process.
Keep what you earn
Submit a claim through our website and get reimbursed directly into your bank account.
What does a TUX Protection Plan give you?
TUX protection plan
Protecting while vesting
Protect your downside
Unvested stock leaves your compensation at the mercy of the stock market. We protect your downside risk now, you keep the upside.
Budget with confidence
Planning to renovate that old kitchen? Increasing your 401k contribution? Plan more confidently, now that part of your compensation is guaranteed.
Keep what you earn
Locking in those gains from the last bull run? Join thousands of professionals who let TUX be their lifeline.
Other employees have faced the same issue
Join our discord! It's just like your companies personal finance chat room
Here are answers to the most asked questions from our customers. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.
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